It is estimated that over 90% of criminal cases conclude with some sort of a plea agreement between the defendant and the government.  Often times, there are conditions attached such as substance abuse treatment, community service, or restitution owed to a victim. Failure to abide by these conditions could result in the filing of a violation of probation.

Navigating your way through probation can be just as challenging and nerve-wracking as dealing with pending charges, and having an experienced criminal defense attorney to help guide you is invaluable, so as to avoid a violation of probation.

Recently, Ryan Leaf, the former college quarterback phenom and epic NFL bust has been in the news for his criminal behavior.  Unfortunately, he violated the terms of release on his newest sentence in Montana and was revoked from a drug treatment facility to  prison.  While he was on community corrections rather than probation, he was given a shot to avoid prison if he could complete drug treatment and failed to do so.  His case serves as a painful reminder of the consequences associated with failing to follow a court’s order.

If you or a loved one face criminal charges or a violation of probation, it is important that you contact a criminal defense attorney to understand the nature of the charges and what is at stake.  Contact Forrest Wallace at the Law Offices of Gary Dawson to make an appointment today, at (865) 525-7113.