Dealing With the Aftermath of Serious Truck Accidents

We Find All Sources of Liability to Pay Medical Expenses and Other Damages

In truck accidents, the injuries to the car driver and any passengers in the car can be so severe that the insurance coverage on the tractor alone may not be enough to cover all the medical expenses of the people injured. Attorney Gary Dawson knows, because he has handled many such heartbreaking cases over the course of a 30-plus year career in Knoxville, Tennessee.

A truck accident attorney must know how to seek all sources of compensation in a trucking accident, no matter how complex the trail may be. This may include seeking recovery from the cargo insurance company, the trucking company, the trucker’s individual insurance, the trailer insurer, involved leasing companies and other sources of compensation for injured clients.

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Obtain the Financial Compensation You Need to Adjust to Life After Injury

At the Knoxville, Tennessee, Law Offices of Gary Dawson, we have helped a significant number of individuals and families who have lost loved ones obtain the financial compensation that they need to carry on with their lives in the aftermath of a serious truck accident or other personal injury accident.

When Truckers Violate Federal Law, We Will Know

Knox County, Loudon County and the rest of the corridor have major interstates, I-40/75, barreling through them and a corresponding high number of accidents. Many of these accidents are due to truck drivers who were violating federal trucking laws that limit their hours of work, prohibit driving while under the influence of stimulants to stave off driver fatigue, carry unbalanced loads or numerous other federal violations. We have the experience and the resources to fully investigate all causes of your accident and seek every source of compensation available to you.

Free Consultations ― You Only Pay If We Win a Recovery for You

We handle truck accident and wrongful death accident cases on a contingency basis. You pay a fee only if we win compensation for you or your family.

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