Has a Defective Product Caused You Injury or Worse?

Everyone says that things just aren’t made or designed as well as they used to be. Or are they? The truth is that when you purchase a product, you have a right to rely on the claims of the manufacturer and the seller on product performance. You may also expect that, if you take care of it, the product is of reasonable quality to go on serving its purpose without breaking, failing, or even causing harm for 10 years from the time it is placed in commerce.

At the Knoxville, Tennessee, Law Offices of Gary Dawson, we believe injury or death because of defective or dangerous products is unfair, unacceptable and unnecessary. If you have been the victim of manufacturer or design defects, the responsible party should bear the burden of your medical expenses and other losses.

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As a product liability lawyer, Gary Dawson has successfully handled hundreds of cases for people seriously injured by defective products since being admitted to practice law in 1978. Products can be defective in:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Assembly
  • Improper warnings or failure to warn

In pursuing a product liability claim, Gary Dawson has the resources to seek out credible, easy-to-understand experts in engineering, design and all technical aspects that may have contributed to the product liability claim. He may hire product literature writers to ascertain whether an operator’s manual was so poorly written that it contributed to an accident. He calls upon these expert analyses as he builds a strong case for liability against the manufacturer or other responsible parties.

Attorney Gary Dawson was one of the first lawyers to be board certified as a Civil Trial Lawyer in the State of Tennessee and has obtained a significant number of million dollar settlements for clients hurt by dangerous products. He cares about each of his clients and takes the time to develop a rapport and make sure they are comfortable and knowledgeable about the actions he is taking on their behalf every step of the way.

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