Recovering After Tragedy Strikes

While money can never make up for the loss of a loved one, nor can it make up for a permanent, life-changing injury, it is the only recourse that we have to help clients adjust to life after a tragedy. At the Knoxville, Tennessee, Law Offices of Gary Dawson, we pursue compensation for our clients  that have suffered from Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, with vigor, passion and skill.

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For many years now, insurers have mounted a relentless campaign to deprive individuals of their rights in this area of the law. Lawyer Gary Dawson knows. He started out working in insurance defense in 1978, and he observed the technicalities that some insurers used to avoid payment of legitimate personal injury or accident fatality (wrongful death) claims.

Lawyer Gary Dawson turned to personal injury law and used all he had learned to the advantage of his clients. He has what it takes to help his clients obtain results in all areas of personal injury law:

  • The financial resources to launch a full-scale investigation into the cause of the accident
  • The kindness and compassion to help clients understand the legal process
  • The willingness to learn how the accident has affected clients
  • The skills to take a case to court and win recoveries

Many of attorney Gary Dawson’s clients have received significant settlements and awards in excess of a million dollars as a result of his caring, diligent and knowledgeable work. He was one of the first lawyers in the state to earn a board certification as a Civil Trial Specialist from the Tennessee Commission on Legal Education and Specialization, a designation reserved for experienced and proven civil trial lawyers.

For Mr. Dawson’s part, there is nothing more satisfying than to obtain necessary compensation for his clients, such as the funds needed to provide for the care of the child of a young mother who lost her life through someone’s negligence.

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Do not delay in filing a suit. There is a statute of limitations on filing claims. We will review any settlement offer for you for free at no obligation to you. Contact us online. Even if you believe that you are somewhat at fault, Tennessee has modified comparative fault and you can still file a claim, so long as you are not over 49 percent at fault.